A dance installation

Goucher College Todd Dance Studio, 8pm, May 5th 2018


Victoria Awkward

In her first evening-length work Victoria wore the hats of choreographer, production staff and director.

Featured Dancers

Patti Alveraz, Janessa Fell, Mabel Lujan, and Allie Yun

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The aforementioned dancers participated in a research based choreographic process where they explored how their emotions and emotional responses influenced the structures of varying compositions. This show would not have been possible without the contributions choreographically and emotionally from these featured dancers.


Ben Anderson, Caroline Burden, Laura Garrett, Jamie Herman, Harmony Jackson, Michayla Kelly, Jazmyn Morse, Sarah Pacheco, Tamar Reisner-Stehman, and Ally Rosen

Selected phrase work from Alive. made in collaboration with the dancers