Born in the Bronx, NY, Caleb Edgehill currently attends Charleston Southern University with expected graduation of 2018. He is studying public health with an emphasis on health promotion. At 21 years old, Caleb, is an entrepreneur. He has been practicing yoga for five years, teaching yoga for three years, and running Cross Country and Track since 2009. He loves the physicality that exercise gives the human experience.

​Inspired by his passion for health, he founded brand and lifestyle company, Mingy Zingy. He aims to help people live creative and self-actualized lives. Last fall Mingy Zingy led a workshop for women of color at Smith College.  He has guided men, women, and children by hosting health and wellness events throughout the northeast communities since 2013. This combination of yoga and mindfulness should be shared with all those seeking to connect with themselves on a deeper level.