Premiered January 11th and 12th at the Abigail Ogilvy Gallery

Choreography: Victoria Lynn Awkward - VLA DANCE

Performers: Victoria Awkward, Jojo Boykins, Jess Chang, Kate Dube, Mitzi Eppley, Tabitha Hanay-Reaves, Tatiana Isabel, Michayla Kelly, & Jessy Zizzo

Original Poetry By: Tatiana Isabel

Original Music (not featured in the clip below) By: ELSZ


Tatiana & Tabitha
Tatiana & Tabitha




Premiered May 5th, 2018 at the Goucher College

Choreography: Victoria Awkward - VLA DANCE

Featured Dancers: Patti Alveraz, Janessa Fell, Mabel Lujan, and Allie Yun

Dancers: Ben Anderson, Caroline Burden, Laura Garrett, Jamie Herman, Harmony Jackson, Michayla Kelly, Jazmyn Morse, Sarah Pacheco, Tamar Reisner-Stehman, and Ally Rosen


Victoria Lynn Awkward
Victoria Lynn Awkward




To Hold Many at Once


Awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Brooke Pierce Award in the Fine Arts 2018  for this work

Presented at American College Dance Association Northeast Region at Montclair State University on March 16th 2018

Premiered at Goucher College on December 1st 2017

Choreographer: Victoria Awkward

Dancers: Ben Anderson, Jamison Curcio, Janessa Fell, Samuel Gaines, Michayla Kelly, and Allie Yun

Sound: Aridity by Roll the Dice, Upon Contact by Bruno Sanfilippo
feat. Francesco Giannico and the Ocean


We need art that touches on the fullness and complexity of the time we live in.  We need work that isn’t one-directional and that touches on the depths of our times.  The ability to portray competing emotions is powerful and takes enormous emotional and intellectual depth.

I was taken by the powerful way in which this work embodied the drive to hold many contradictions in one space.  This piece (in all of its aspects) created a message for the contemporary moment to linger within our contradictions rather than deny them.  This ability to acknowledge and use divergence and difference as a tool to bring people and ideas together is one of the greatest strengths the arts can bring us at this time.

James Sutton
• The performers in this piece were strong as an ensemble as well as individually
• Beautiful flow of piece
• Wonderful duets and ideas
• Incredible dancers with a sense of inhabiting self; this idea of inhabiting self is a
powerful statement
• The falling was authentic; dancers pushed themselves almost to a place of discomfort
• Social Statements
• Not knowing the specific story behind the piece was incredibly satisfying
• Fabulous performance

Gerri Houlihan

• What an inspiring group of movers
• Full bodied movement quality (Referring to Allie)
• Dancers were attentive to the energy of the group which is why they were so great as
an ensemble
• Loved the image of Ben crossing back and forth in the background that lead into the
solid, quiet, effective duet (referring to duet with Sam and Ben)
• Waves, arms reaching and pushing
• Taken by the ability of the group to work both as an ensemble and as individuals
• Beautiful Soloist (and specifically refers to Janessa)

Gerald Casel
• Lovely luscious movers
• 1 out of 36 pieces (so far) to use retrograde
• It is clear the maker of this work is interested in composition- push it, keep going
• The image of Sam being pulled was filled with loaded meaning and metaphor
• Two men performing tenderness is nice to see in an age of toxic masculinity (referring
to duet with Sam and Ben)
• Lovely use of weight
• Ends beautifully with a reach to the sky asking for rain or celebration of life and light
• Intriguing title- open to so many interpretations
• Well done

Make Noise

photography by Chris Truini

Premiered March 2017 at the Accademia dell'Arte (Arezzo, Italy)

Choreography: Victoria Awkward
Duet by Ashlyn Elizabeth Fletcher and Eliza Malecki 

Dancers: Victoria Awkward, Caroline Burden, Ashlyn Elizabeth Fletcher, Desiré Graham, Megan Hopkins, Alice S. Kabia, Michayla Kelly, Eliza Malecki, Olivia Parente, Tamar Reisner-Stehman, Sydney Simone, Kyra Tanto, and Renelle Wilson


Jamming in the Streets

Photography by Chris Truini

Premiered April 2017 at the Accademia dell' Arte (Arezzo, Italy)

Choreographer: Victoria Awkward

Dancer: Victoria Awkward

Sound: Recorded street sounds from Slovenia and Italy, The Night Me and Your Mama Meet by Childish Gambino


I Am Right Here

Premiered December 2016 at Goucher College Dancers of Color Coalition First Annual show

Choreographer: Victoria Awkward

Dancers: Charity Broussard, Wayne Cornish, Jamison Curcio, Alayna Dutcher, Harmony Jackson and Sarah Pacheco

​Sound: Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich and Drumming by Victoria Awkward

Sweet Thoughts

Premiered December 2016 at Goucher College Dancers of Color Coalition First Annual show

Choreographer: Victoria Awkward

​Dancer: Victoria Awkward

​Sound: If I Can't Have You by Etta James

From the Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight and Sound

Premiered December 2016 at Goucher College Dancers of Color Coalition First Annual show

Staging: Victoria Awkward

Sound: Poetry by Cast


Dancers: ​Victoria Awkward, Connell Altschiller, Charity Broussard, Jamison Curcio, Wayne Cornish, Alyssa Colon, Alayna Dutcher, Laura Garrett, Harmony Jackson, Asia Johnson, Imani Lambert, Sarah Pachecho, Tamar Reisner-Stehman, Alexandra Rosen, Ryoko Skelton, Francis Thometz and Coleman Walker


Premiered July 2016 at Steps on Broadway 

Choreographers: Victoria Awkward and Daniela Funicello 

Dancers: Daniela Funicello and Victoria Awkward

Sound: Sierra Lift by Blue Hawaii 

I Am

Premiered May 2016 at Goucher College

Choreographer: Victoria Awkward

Dancers: Charity Broussard, Jamison Curcio, and Leslyn Ham

Sound: Perazuán by Esperanza Spaling and Poetry Complied by Victoria Awkward- Maya Angelou, Zora Neale Hurston, Iyanla Vanzant, and Nayyirah Waheed

Poetry Read by: Victoria Awkward and Isabella Louis