I believe dance is uniquely positioned to help people slow down, connect with self, with others and with the world around us. For this reason I will always make work that asks people to check in and reflect on their actions socially, environmentally and intrinsically.

I primarily create work in non-traditional spaces; emphasizing the interpersonal experience that emerges when audience and performers are close in proximity and blurring the fourth wall.

I strive to empower those I work with by reinforcing ethically sound formalities, including bringing together racially diverse movers, respecting dancer's body size and appearance, holding space for fluidity of gender identities, and holding space for being an individual within a structure.

These values persist within my solo work and in my company, VLA DANCE, and I ask to respectfully be held accountable. 


Boston-based Victoria Lynn Awkward is an emerging artist whose work focuses on dance, visual arts, and empowerment. She holds a degree in Visual and Performing Art Education from Goucher College, where she worked with artists including Sidra Bell, Christian Von Howard, Ronen Koresh, Helen Simoneau, Iyun Ashani Harrison, and Iquail Shaheed. As an independent artist, she has performed with Ashani Dances, Attn: Dance, Boston Dance Theater, The Davis Sisters, Heather Stewart, Ruckus Dance and Jessy Zizzo. She is also a teacher with Midday Movement and a freelance photographer.


Victoria is the Director of VLA DANCE a contemporary dance company that aims to empower artists and audience members alike through physically demanding dance.