"Baby blue, Butter yellow, Opalescent, Butterflies, Sunlight, Endlessness, Romanticism, Falling, Catching, Dream, Holding, Rhythm, Strength, Wings, Fight, Baptism, Warmth, Heart, Velvety, Clouds, Gaia, Rebuild, Temple, Kingdom, Crown, Peace, Prosperity, Touch, Speaking softly in the sanctuary of your mind, Sweetness, Viscous, Lush, Gardens, Grow, Heal, garnet,

Deep velvet waters,

Sinking into self, Or maybe diving rather...

There is a Home in my bones
Catacombs that caterpillars build cocoons in
Baby Butterflies open their wings inside my spine
Ask me how a woman born without wings learned how to fly
Self love means putting yourself first even when you feel like you're coming in last
Self love means getting your shit done
How you gon win when you ain't right within??
Self love is honoring your energy before anyone else's
Self love is standing in your truth instead of hiding behind velvet illusions
Soon you'll find The truth always taste smoother
Self love is crying on the mega bus home from New York City
Because your tears feel cathartic and you don't care who sees you anymore
Self love is knowing that you are more than what your eye distorts from the mirror
Self love is the continuous shedding of dead skins
Self love is the breaking in to your wings
Self love is remembering to breath deep to stretch out of the tightness in your stomach
Self love is choosing to be in alignment
Self love is living out your best life as you define it, not as other people wish they had lived theirs


To see myself as half blade, half silk"